Sarai Stricklin

Copyright Sarai Stricklin

 The canoe

​Old men of the surf and sea

tell me again and again...

Save your energy for the canoe.

What I learn from them is wisdom true-

save my strength for the canoe. 


​There are many layers presented here. In the Kapa Band the strength of the protective mana -shark- is shown. The directional wind motif is also present.

Before one enters the sea (or any important step in life) you spend the time first to ask permission and observe the signs. This way you open up to divine guidance. 

The canoe symbolizes a group effort to get somewhere together. Staying healthy and strong, well in mind and body is vital to do your part on the sea or land. 

Copyright Sarai Stricklin

Pule (prayer) on becoming whole again

From Sea to land

​Royal palms planted with a prayer

A special and strong prayer

For us, the ones now, to take care.

Pure life once happened here.

A nukupu'u bird perched by a stream.

A place where heaven mingles with Maui,

an island in the sea.

​Now just a memory, where native birds once flew free.

​Special things once happened here

Yes, and with heartfelt remembering

the life in those prayers of old 

allow parts to reappear...

A rustle of soft wind in the still,

Touches us quietly,

reminding all to feel and take care

of what we love. 

eight royal palms​


There are places in nature where the

ancient -Kahiko- energies remain intact. 

The pool

Reflections in your circle, round and round

From the time in the beginning, when sweet water

came through space into this place

To cascade down waterfalls in beautiful Hawaii

Flowing streams enter her shores

Rising again into the skies

Dark clouds form above, bringing back the blesssings

From a circle that never ends

The rains come and swell the rivers full

​Cascading waterfalls flow to a lovely refelctive pool....

Our sweet waters of Hawaii are pure and come from the loving source of all

Each piece tells a story, drawn from a lifetime of reverence for the wisdom of ancient Hawaii.

We have chosen a few mana'o ( knowledge) descriptions to share with you here.

Home under the open sky

Holikea maka

(To reveal in the light, as in something long hidden )

The strength and vision of the largest being on earth, the Kohola (whale) is shared here. The tail is the source of hidden truth, flanked by patterns of kindness and love whose vibrations shall carry the message far and wide:  we can and will survive by planting now for the future, and managing our water supply. The blessed ulu ( breadfruit tree) shall provide , and the small seed in the breadfruit represent love. The triangular patterns on the right represent blessings from heaven in a matrix of life building properties.

We have the strength to work together and thrive.