Photos by Sean Micheal Hower and courtesy of Hitched on Maui

Your marriage: your story

Wedding? Vow renewal? Anniversary? The occasion is a very personal time for you, and the message of your kihei should be what is just right for you. Choose from these popular themes:  

Water: The natural realm of the ocean  with waves reminding you of change, Honu ( turtles) reflecting longevity and the Ewa bird, representing guidance. 

Land: The classic beauty and purity of Hawaii with flowers of Pikake and Maile

Male and Female: Subtle symbols of Kane (male) and  Wahine (female) energy . Each couple can decide if they prefer to reverse these due to their personal strengths, or even have a set of two of the same. Same sex or opposite sex marriages? There is no obvious direction here: It is a personal choice that expresses your own journey and who you are. 

Perhaps you prefer a unique message? Contact us about custom, one of a kind kiheis designed to honor your personal spiritual emphasis. 

Wedding Kihei

Sacred Ceremonial Wear

Historically worn by Ali'i ( royalty) , Priests and leaders, each kihei carries a symbolic story. It can express a theme of nature, or the story of each person's  personal journey.

Sarai Stricklin

Couture of Maui Nui Princess Wedding Garments

For Further details:

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A precious memory

These fine silk pieces can grace your home as a wall hanging, and can be worn as a wrap or scarf in the future. An anniversary must! And don't forget a special portrait with your new baby wrapped in your sacred wedding kihei. 

​Draw strength from this medicine cloth each day of your lives together.

What a meaningful family tradition!